Research Careers

The Research Careers Working Group brings together experts from Science Europe Member Organisations working in fields such as researchers’ career support and development, management and implementation of instruments (for example grants or fellowships) and human resources.

The Working Group is Science Europe’s platform to address common issues in the field of support to researchers’ careers. It gathers and analyses information about policies and tools that support research careers. It will identify good practice and potential ways to improve career structuring instruments and schemes, and will look into ways of supporting all types of mobility, including geographic mobility, mobility across different disciplines or sectors, and both long-term and short-term mobility. It will also discuss measures to support the career development of researchers, including at post-doctoral level. The Working Group pays special attention to gender and other diversity issues in all of its areas of activity.

The Working Group builds upon the results of previous work carried out by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in the area of research careers. It will also take into account the implications of developments in other policy fields, such as Research Integrity and Open Access, on careers.


In December 2013, the Science Europe Working Group on Research Careers organised a workshop on inter-sectoral mobility with representatives from the European University Association (EUA), the US National Science Foundation, the UK National Centre for Universities and Business and ADOC Talent Management. The report of this meeting, which includes some preliminary conclusions and recommendations to the Working Group for improved cross-sectoral mobility, is available.


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